America – This President Is Systematically Weakening Our Position

The Washington Times

Sept 27, 2009 from the Washington Times:

Mr. Obama has given the United Nations what it wants: a denuded America that is voluntarily abandoning its international pre-eminence. Mr. Obama is a postmodern leftist whose goal is to transform the United States into another European Union. He does not believe in preserving our national sovereignty or distinct cultural identity. Rather, he champions social democracy; open borders; multilateralism; diplomacy; and a strong, activist United Nations. As he outlined in his speech, he seeks to subordinate America’s national interests to globalist goals such as combating climate change, ridding the world of nuclear weapons, ending poverty and achieving Middle East peace. Mr. Obama’s approach will fail for one simple reason: It is built on fantasy.

The slow response to the request for more troops from Gen. Stanley McChrystal, who was named by Obama just a few months ago as the top U.S. military commander in Afghanistan, is yet another show of weakness and indecision by this administration when it comes to our national security. I’m sure Ahmadinejad is pleased.

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