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Obama Names Gay Man to Head Office of National AIDS Policy

President Obama announced today that Jeffrey S. Crowley, MPH, Senior Research Scholar at Georgetown University’s Health Policy Institute, is the new Director of Office of National AIDS Policy, according to a White House announcement received by Towleroad.

Crowley is gay. According to the Victory Fund, “The LGBT community’s Presidential Appointments Project recommended Crowley for the appointment.”

Crowley Said Obama: “Jeffrey Crowley brings the experience and expertise that will help our nation address the ongoing HIV/AIDS crisis and help my administration develop policies that will serve Americans with disabilities. In both of these key areas, we continue to face serious challenges and we must take bold steps to meet them. I look forward to Jeffrey’s leadership on these critical issues.”

According to the statement: “The Office of National AIDS Policy (ONAP) is the White House Office tasked with coordinating the continuing efforts of the government to reduce the number of HIV infections across the United States. The office emphasizes prevention through wide-ranging education initiatives and also helps to coordinate the care and treatment of citizens with HIV/AIDS. The President has made a strong commitment to developing a national AIDS strategy, which will be a top priority for the Office of National AIDS Policy.  In addition, ONAP coordinates with international bodies to ensure that the fight against HIV/AIDS is fully integrated around the world.  The ONAP is part of the Executive Office of the President’s Domestic Policy Council (DPC)”

In related news, Peter Staley at POZ reported that “tucked away in the massive stimulus package signed by President Obama last week is the largest budget increase in the NIH’s history” which will mean a nearly $1 billion increase in the current NIH AIDS research budget of $2.9 billion.

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