Judge orders homeschoolers into public district classrooms

I am so pissed!! on so many levels.

Judge orders homeschoolers into public district classrooms

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From Homeschool Injustice

Facts of the Case

On Friday, March 6th 2009, North Carolina judge Ned Mangum presided over the case of Venessa Mills, and gave the following orders:

1. Three homeschooled children, who tested at grade level and two grades above, must be sent to public school.
2. The children’s Christian beliefs, as taught by their mother, were to be deliberately “challenged” by their public education.
3. The children’s mother was not given enough financial support to allow her to continue homeschooling, or even to adequately survive in the family home.
4. The children were burdened with a visitation schedule of equally divided time, while the mother temporarily continued to homeschool them, creating a completely unworkable and disruptive environment.
5. (The judge’s intent from the beginning was to force these parents back together and out of his courtroom, acting like a liberal-biased marriage counselor instead of being a judge.)
6. The children’s father, a confessed adulterer, was given freedom to stay at the family home indefinitely while continuing to play tennis with his mistress. His crime of adultery was rewarded, rather than censured.
7. The children’s mother’s conservative Christian beliefs were deliberately attacked and slandered by the opposing attorney, and she was accused of being brainwashed for simply upholding the truths of the Bible.
8. Despite a complete lack of evidence, she was punished with a mental health evaluation – while the judge deliberately exposed her to the continued emotional trauma of her adulterous husband living with her and her children.
9. The children’s father was granted his request for the children to go to public school, the minimum level of financial support, and – with no official order to leave the home – was, in effect, given complete freedom to dictate property settlement and terms before moving out.
10. A home evaluation is to be carried out – most likely after the children’s public school starts, and still in the midst of their parent’s divorce, a disruptive visitation schedule, and their mother’s financial hardship. The judge knows this is a recipe for failure, for which the mother will be blamed.
This is a prima facie case of injustice and prejudice. It’s not about conservatives versus liberals – we wouldn’t even want liberals to be treated this way.

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