America, We Have Lost Our Way

Our representatives and senators in the US Congress have passed a ginormous spending bill, with a lot of unnecessary “special projects” (the new terminology for earmarks). My kids and grandkids will be working to pay off this national debt far into the future. The stock market is plunging. I am concerned about how desperate our economic situation may become.

We seem to be on the fast track to socialism. I am trying to educate myself and prepare appropriately without going overboard….but it is difficult to keep a calm spirit during these times.

Our new president had lied to us time and time again. Every time he makes a speech he flat out lies…..”there are no earmarks in the stimulus bill” (LIE), “there will be transparency in this administration” (LIE)….the stimulus bill was not available to read until the last minute before the vote which had to be taken immediately!!!! then the bill sat on the president’s desk for 2 days before he signed it….what was the hurry all about? In my opinion, the hurry was for the purpose of keeping the American taxpayers from knowing what a load of pork was being cooked up for us to pay for. Obama spoke of doom and depression, BEFORE the bill was passed to scare Congress into passing this bill. Then hope and recovery AFTER the bill was signed. Hmmmm, the situation sure changed overnight. I’m not buying any of it.

I don’t trust this new president. At one time I thought he really wanted the best for America. If he does, he certainly is going about it in the wrong way. This will stifle business and kill morale among working people.

Oh, I could go on and on but I will spare you.

As a Christian I will pray for America and for our president even though I totally disagree with his policies. May God have mercy on us all.

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